When Do Makeup and Beauty Products Expire?

Almost every woman has an expired beauty product they are holding on to.   Why is it so hard as women to throw away makeup and beauty products? For some, it may be the love of the product, others….the cost.  However, I believe the #1 reason we hang on these products past their expiration date is because…

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Love Your Look and Stop Hating Yourself.

For many years I didn’t love myself for one reason or another.  Sometimes it was because I didn’t look the way I wanted to, other times it was because I let the opinions of others affect the way I felt inside. I remember as a child looking at my acne in the mirror and spending…

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Top 10 Beauty Tips and Makeup Tricks

Top 10 Beauty Tips and Makeup Tricks  1) Use a face primer! It will help set your make up,  keep shine away all day, and visibly smoothes the look of pores. You can also just use the product alone for those ” I don’t wear makeup I just look this good look” days! I love Avon’s…

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