10 Fun Activities To-Do In The Spring

10 Fun Activities To-Do In The Spring

Spring is here!

It’s time to start enjoying the season of new beginnings.

Here are 10 Fun Activities To-Do In The Spring that will refresh you and get you enjoying the outdoor air.

10 Fun Activities To-Do In The Spring#1 Go Bike Riding. Looking to strengthens your thighs, hips and rear end? A bike ride not only gives you a terrific workout but can be fun at the same time.

#2 Visit The Zoo or Farm. Not only do you get to see cute animals but also get a little exercise as well.  If you don’t have a zoo nearby a farm will work as well. Most farms have a petting zoo which if you have children can provide an infinite amount of joy.

#3 Plant a Veggie or Herb Garden. Gardening incorporates many important elements of exercise, such as stretching, repetition of movement, and even resistance similar to those in weight training  Plus it helps you save on your grocery bill.

10 Fun Activities To-Do In The Spring#4 Shop the Farmers Market. Fruits and vegetables you get at the grocery store are often several days old before they even reach the produce aisle. On the other hand, farmer’s market produce was probably just that morning, so you know the food is as fresh as you can get it outside of growing it yourself.

#5 Picnic.  Who doesn’t love a picnic?  Not only is this a fun activity it can also be done fairly cheap!  Added benefits include spending time outdoors, basking in nature, breathing fresh air and enjoying a great view

#6 Take a Walk Along The Beach or Local Park. Walking is often called the perfect exercise. Taking regular brisk walks helps you stay healthy, live longer and boosts your self-esteem and mood. Now that its spring why not take a walk with a view?

10 Fun Activities To-Do In The Spring#7 Try a New Recipe.  I love to try new dishes and spring is the perfect time to try something fresh.  Just google recipes for spring and try a few new dishes today!

#8 Read a Book Outside. Taking the time to read outside not only keeps you mentally stimulated but also helps you get some fresh air!  So pick up your favorite book and head outside!

#9 Watch the Sunrise. Watching a sunrise can be the perfect start to your day and it doesn’t cost anything to watch.  Take the time and enjoy a few quiet moments by yourself or with someone you love before starting your busy day!

10 Fun Activities To-Do In The Spring#10 Home Spa Day.  This is a fun activity that can be done on a rainy day! Treat yourself to a facial, bubble bath, mani/pedi and maybe massage.from your special someone.  You always feel better after you have a “Me Day”.

Now that you know the 10 Fun Activities To-Do In The Spring which one will you start with first?

What’s even better??

This list can be done alone or with others.

So gather your family and go out and have some fun!

I would love to hear from you please drop me a comment and tell me what your favorite Springtime activity is!

~ Lanise Martin

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