10 Makeup Tips You Will Actually Use

10 Makeup Tips You Will Actually Use

Tired of reading about crazy makeup trends?

Looking for some fast and easy tips that will actually help?

Check Out These 10 Makeup Tips You Will Actually Use

1) Use a face primer! It will help set your make up, keep shine away all day, and visibly reduces the look of pores. You can also just use the product alone for those “I don’t wear makeup I just look this good look” days!

10 Makeup Tips You Will Actually Use2) Perfect match foundation!  Not everyone can find their perfect match with just 1 foundation.  If you find your skin tone is an inbetweenie, especially if you tan, buy 2 colors and mix them together.  This can also be done with powder to create your perfect shade.

3) Get a concealer brush!  A brush can help you get into the crevasses of the blemish better than your fingers or the tube can.   Also, use the brush around your eye area to help blend your concealer color on to the rest of your face.

4) Hold eye skin tight to easily put on eyeliner.  Take 2 fingers place beside your eye and gently pull the skin tight to the side of your face.  This will help you get be able to get a smooth line with your eyeliner.

10 Makeup Tips You Will Actually Use5) Get a glossy lip gloss!  If you have small lips like I do you have to have a glossy lip gloss. A glossy look makes your lips appear bigger than they actual are.

6) Every girl needs a makeup spoon! Place a spoon under your bottom lashes to easily apply mascara on your bottom lashes without getting any under your eyes! This allows you to make several coats to make bottom lashes really pop.

7) Heat up your eyelash curler with a hair dryer! It makes your lashes much easier to curl and lashes stay curled longer.  Heat up the lash curler until it gets warm (about 30 -60 seconds).

10 Makeup Tips You Will Actually Use8) Throw mascara away after 3 months!  Not only does the tube dry out but that little container can also hide bacteria  that could lead to a nasty eye infection.  Everyone knows that’s not a good look!

9) Invest in a white eyeliner! White eyeliner can give you multiple benefits.  You can use it on the inner rim of the lower lash line to make eyes look bigger.  Also , it can be used in the corner of your eye to make your eyes pop.

10) Invest in makeup remover!  Leaving your makeup on overnight can cause serious skin blemishes. Face wash can remove some of the makeup but traces you cannot see can get left behind in your pores. I like to use a makeup remover wipes for an easy and instantly clean face.

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