5 Easy Ways To Burn Calories At Home 1

5 Easy Ways To Burn Calories At Home 

Burning the same amount of calories that you eat in a day is an important step in maintaining your weight.

However, if you are trying to lose weight you need to burn more calories than you take in.

You can go to the gym to burn these calories but if you are like me and hate going to the gym you can also burn these calories at home!

The list below is full of some of my favorite ways to burn calories at home.

5 Easy Ways To Burn Calories At Home

#1 Cleaning

First of all the biggest benefit of cleaning your home is having a clean home but did you also know it’s a great way to burn calories?

It takes me about 2 hours to clean my house every week and I burn roughly 300-400 every time I do.

Here are some common cleaning actives and the average calories burned:

Sweeping x 10 minutes = 37 calories

Vacuuming x 10 minutes = 37 calories

Mopping x 20 minutes = 42 calories

Making Beds x 10 minutes = 23 calories

Washing Dishes x 10minutes = 26 calories

#2 Yoga

This is one activity that is suitable for all ages and videos are easily found on YouTube.

You burn between 200-400 calories every hour depending on the type of yoga you are doing.

Not only do you burn calories but you also will increase your strength, flexibility, balance, and endurance.

#3 Zumba

Zumba is so much fun even your kids will enjoy working out with you.

Clear out some space in your living room, hop on to YouTube and have yourself a little dance party!

You burn between 350 and 650 calories every hour you do Zumba.

#4 Keep Moving

You can increase the calories you burn when doing everyday activities just by moving more.

Try marching in place or pacing when you style your hair, talking on the phone, check your email or wash the dishes.

This will help you burn a few extra calories without taking up any extra time!

#5 Caffeine

Do you know caffeine can help boost calorie burn for up to three hours?

Not into coffee?

Try a  natural Metabolism Boost or Natural Energy product.

These products boost your energy with, naturally sourced plant-based ingredients including green tea, guarana, and cocoa beans.

My favorite products are gluten-free, vegetarian capsules, Non-GMO, no artificial colors or flavors and no preservatives both priced at under $30.

Metabolism Boost and Natural Energy

5 Easy Ways To Burn Calories At Home     

Burning calories doesn’t have to be complicated just add a few of these ideas to your everyday activities.

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