5 Wellness Tips For Busy Moms

5 Wellness Tips For Busy Moms

5 Wellness Tips For Busy Moms

5 Wellness Tips For Busy Moms1. Eat some breakfast. Trust me. I understand that mornings can be super busy. Getting your spouse and yourself and kids out the door. But, we usually make sure they eat. So let’s take a dose of our own advice and start our day off right with a good meal too. Make it a balanced meal even if its something simple like a banana and a few almonds or toast with peanut butter. Eating breakfast has been linked to better performance and weight control. So yeah!

2. Take vitamins. If you are anything like me, you are trying your best to eat healthier, watch portions, and cook more. However, when you eat less, you may also be cutting out vital nutrients. That missing nutrition can make you feel tired and still hungry. So don’t hesitate to supplement your diet with a multi-vitamin or even a nutritious shake. This will help you stay pretty healthy and feel your best.

3. Take naps. I don’t need to be told twice. I’m a napper. Find a time that works best. Maybe 20 minutes midday. A short nap can boost your energy and give you a needed mental break, making you more productive in long run. Just make sure its not 5 Wellness Tips For Busy Momstoo long because that usually makes me lazier. And make sure its not too close to bedtime because then you may be up all night. As hard as it may be, work on getting sufficient sleep at night. Set the mood and go to sleep at a reasonable time.

4. Stay away from sick friends (little people included) and Keep your hands away from your face. I don’t mean forever, I just mean that if your friend has the flu or a cold do what you can to assist them with picking up rx or bringing them lunch. However, too much contact increases your chances of picking up what they have if it’s contagious. So while visiting, be sure to avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth. That way you don’t help the bacteria and viruses enter your body. And most importantly, Keep your hands clean!

5. Get some exercise. A quick walk in the park or even some hardcore gym time will both serve your body well. Exercise releases endorphin’s, which are our body’s natural feel good meds. Endorphins help reduce stress and bring about a feeling of well being. But, if you cant get out, NO Worries! There are so many things you can do inside too. Jog in place, ride a stationary bike, get a jump rope, a ball or a hula hoop.5 Wellness Tips For Busy Moms

5 Wellness Tips For Busy Moms BONUS… Know That You DO NOT Have to Please EVERYONE. 

Concentrate on doing things that make you happy and that can reduce clutter and hassle in your life first. Giving to others makes us happy but not when we don’t have time or energy or are cutting out something important. So prioritize and remember that you can not make everyone happy. Even if you did, someone would find a problem with what you did.  Learn to say No and know that its ok.

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