About Carla 

When I was  younger I was diagnosed with 2 learning disabilities- Dysgraphia and ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). These disorders affected my attention span and fine motor skills like holding a pencil, tying knots, painting my nails etc.

I understood at a very young age I WAS DIFFERENT and I was going to have to learn to DO THINGS DIFFERENTLY if I wanted to be treated like all the other kids.  I did NOT want to take medication and I did NOT want to be pulled out of class to take test due to it taking me longer to hand write papers. Being a child of the 80’s computers were NOT around to help out like they are now and the 1st medications to help you focus with ADD turned me into a zombie.

Just because I was DIFFERENT did NOT mean I wanted to be treated DIFFERENTLY!  At just 8 years old I made a plan and put it in to action.  I worked with my strengths and had a plan to deal with my weaknesses.  

Now over 20 years later I still like things the way I did when I was 8… FAST, SIMPLE and INEXPENSIVE!

I have never understood paying big prices if you can get great products for less!

So if you are like me and want to be your most Incredible Self by looking and feeling your best Inside & Out, then you have come to the right place! I understand that everyone has things they have to overcome but that is all a part of what makes you INCREDIBLE!