Basic Skin Care Routine For All Skin Types

Basic Skin Care Routine For All Skin Types

Your skin is the largest organ on your body and it starts aging the minute you are born.

The sun, smoking, pollution, facial expressions, diet, sleep positions, stress and lack of sleep all affect your skin.

It’s not possible to avoid all of these things but a good skin care routine can help reverse any damage, keep your skin looking younger longer and can target specific skin care concerns.

Skin starts to show the signs of aging around 30 so it’s best to start a routine in your teens to get into the habit at an early age.

Every skin type (oily, dry, normal or combination) needs a skin care routine.

Basic Skin Care Routine For All Skin Types

A basic skin care routine is made up of 4 steps

Step 1: Cleanse

Basic Skin Care Routine For All Skin TypesCleansing your skin helps eliminate oil, removes makeup and dirt and helps it feel refreshed.

You should clean your skin in the morning as well as at night.

Make sure you use warm but not hot water to wash your face.

Warm water will help open your pores to ensure a deep clean.

Rinse your face with cold water to close the pores and pat your skin dry.

A cold rinse will prevent your treatments from clogging your newly cleaned pores.

Step 2: Treat

Basic Skin Care Routine For All Skin TypesTreatments deliver results to specific areas that concern you most.

If you have multiple skincare concerns you may need to use multiple treatments.

Some examples are:

Exfoliates which gently remove dead skin cells to help retexture skin, unclog pores, reduce blackheads, breakouts, diminish wrinkles, and improve uneven skin tone.

Acne treatments help curb acne-causing bacteria which cause breakouts.

Anti-Aging treatments have ingredients that help fade the signs of aging as well as reverse the damage done by environmental damage and should be applied every morning and at night.

These are just a few of the most common types of treatments.

Mix and matching treatments will give you the perfect personalized skin care routine.

Step 3 Moisturize

Basic Skin Care Routine For All Skin TypesMoisturizers are needed to keep the skin hydrated and should be used in the morning and at night.

A good daytime moisturizer has SPF in it to protect your skin against sun damage one of the biggest causes of skin aging.

It’s best to apply your moisturizer by using small, firm, circular movements making sure to avoid the eye area.

All skin types need moisturizers because they contain ingredients to help your skin look healthier, smoother, hydrated and healthier.

Step 4: Eye Treatment

Basic Skin Care Routine For All Skin TypesEye creams are designed to help correct the appearance of dark circles, puffiness, sagging or crow’s feet.

The best way to apply eye cream is using your ring finger to gently apply the cream with a tapping motion.

Start at the inner corner of the eye, moving outward and then applying above the eye and to the brow.

Basic Skin Care Routine For All Skin Types

Making these 4 steps part of your everyday routine is a must for anyone looking to keep their skin looking younger than its actual age.

It really is that simple to get healthier, glowing, younger looking skin.

Do not be afraid to try different products until you find what works for you.

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