Blend Makeup Colors - The Easiest Way

Blend Makeup Colors – The Easy Way

Have you ever had a moment when you wanted a special makeup look but all you had were the colors you always use? No time to go buy something new or maybe you are unwilling to purchase new colors, unsure whether you’ll like it.

There has to be another option…Blend, blend, blend. Yesssss. That’s right.

Give your old palette new life and Blend makeup colors the easy way.

Blend eyeshadow colors…Blend lipstick colors…Blend for highlighting…Blend anything!

It’s so much easier than you think and everyone will be asking where did you get it from.

So let’s step up your makeup game.

First things first..Ignore all the rules about which color goes with which color. Any two or three will work. It’s all about the blend. So if you love them, go for it!!!

Let’s start with your EYESHADOW

Look at your palette(s). Decide on the 2 or 3 colors you like.

Blend Makeup Colors - The Easy WayIf you’re using powder eyeshadow, you’ll get better results with an eyeshadow brush. Not the little sponge brush that comes with some pallets…It needs to be a bristle shadow brush.

If you’re using cream eyeshadow, then all you need is your ring finger. Why the ring finger, you ask? Well, your eyes are a very delicate area and are the first place to show signs of aging. Your ring finger is your weakest finger. So when you use your ring finger to blend, naturally, it won’t put too much pressure on your eye.

Apply your colors to your lid, side by side, with a slight overlap. Don’t worry about blending at this stage. If you’re using the same eyeshadow brush for each color, be sure to clean your brush before applying each color. (Clean it simply by lightly swiping your brush on tissue or a towel until you don’t see any more color).

Now it’s time to blend. (Don’t forget to clean your brush again).

Shadow powder – Use light, short circular strokes until you know longer see the hard line of the two colors.

Cream powder – Use light, short dabs until you know longer see the hard line of the two colors.


Now let’s try LIP COLORS.

Doing this will eliminate the need to fight with lip liners…NO HARD LIP LINER LINES.

JUST A FEW DABS WILL DO…Again, ignore everything you’ve heard about which color goes with what. If you like the 2, then let’s go for it.

Blend Makeup Colors - The Easy WayBased on the 2 colors you’ve chosen, start with your darkest color and dab a few dots around the inner lines of your lips. Then take your next color and dab some dots within. If you’re going for 3 colors, just dab 2 dots in the middle. Now mush your mouth together (If this helps, exaggerate saying “Mommy”. Don’t think about it, just do it). After it’s all blended, you may need to swipe a little of the darker around the edge, just to smooth it out.

Blend Makeup Colors - The Easy WayCheck out this video to see it happen right in front of your eyes How to blend lipstick colors – Ombre Lips

Again, Viola!

Here’s 1 more blending technique…Foundation/Highlight/Contouring

Contouring can give you a perfect look, but OMG…that just takes so much time and sooo much makeup and sooo many techniques to learn.

All you need is your favorite liquid foundation, a highlighter cream, your middle finger, bronzer or shimmer powder and fluffy brush.

Apply your favorite foundation on your face.

Blend Makeup Colors – The Easy WayThen blend your highlight cream with your middle finger on these 6 areas of your face:

  1. Apple of your left cheekbone (smile…there it is)
  2. Apple of your right cheekbone (smile again…there it is)
  3. Cupid bow (right above middle of top lip line)
  4. Middle of chin
  5. Middle of forehead
  6. Your nose – Down the bridge of your nose to the tip

Lastly, brush bronzer/shimmer powder over your entire face.

Did you ever think it would be that easy to Blend Makeup Colors?

As a child, playing with makeup is fun. Be a kid again. Go for it. Try it. If you don’t like it, that’s what makeup remover is for.

If you try something new, let me know the results in the comments. Or better yet, post a picture!

~ Michelle Jones

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