Celebrate with Birthday Freebies

Celebrate With Birthday Freebies

It’s your birthday. Why not Celebrate with Birthday Freebies…You deserve it!

Every year me & mom look forward to celebrating our birthday because we know a bunch of birthday freebies will roll in. Bring on the #FreeBirthdayFood

Celebrate With Birthday FreebiesWe get excited because we love food and we love free. Plus we bond during our birthday treats expedition tradition. It’s a great time to eat free at your favorite places and to try new places.

People are always inquiring how we do it and I’ve found out that the reason they haven’t is because they think it’s complicated, time-consuming and too good to be true…NOT TRUE.

Myth #1: You need to visit everywhere on your actual birthday….NOT TRUE…Only a few are valid on only on your Birthday or expire on your birthday. Majority of places expire after your birthday…like a week afterward or valid for your entire birthday month or 30 days from your birthday. Check the dates when you receive them via email.

Myth #2 It’s not totally free…NOT TRUE…Now, there are tons of places that offer birthday treats. Some restaurants require that you buy something in order to get something (BOGO) and some require you to dine-in, which makes me feel obligated to leave a tip. Since both of these options require that I spend money, that’s no longer a FREE Birthday treat.

So unless it’s a restaurant we love, we only visit places that require no additional purchase and I can order, pick up and go!

Myth #3 You can sign up on your birthday to #CelebratewithBirthdayFreebiesNOT TRUE…With several locations, you must be signed up at least a month before. So just do it today and get it over with. If your birthday is less than a month away, sign-up anyone and you’ll receive some offers this year and be totally ready for next year.

Celebrate With Birthday FreebiesSo, I know what you’re thinking…ah…”when will I share the list of specific questions?” Glad you asked.

This link has a list of 30+ places. Some may not be in all states but several are national. Celebrate with Birthday Freebies…You deserve it!

Follow this method and you’ll be signed up to all of them within 20 minutes.

Step 1 – Use your phone and make sure that it captures your information to do automated entry after you’ve completed your first sign-up.

 Step 2 – Google location name with the words birthday rewards (ex Godiva birthday rewards) or go directly to location website and search for rewards club link.

Step 3 – Fill in your information.Depending on your type of phone, once you complete 1 restaurant form, it usually remembers the information, so when you fill-in the others, it will auto-fill as you start to type your name. The only thing you may still need to enter, is your birthday!

Step 4 – Check your email. Some locations will send you an email to confirm registration. If you don’t confirm it, you will not receive #birthdayfreebie.

Also, some locations will email you a welcome freebie gift!

Celebrate With Birthday FreebiesStep 5 – Look out for your birthday offers as early as 2 weeks prior to your birthday or beginning of your birthday month. Some require that you print the coupon, some will be added to the app and not send a notification, and other will require you to show birthday email on your phone.

Oh and Denny’s can only be used on your birthday, so start your day off at Denny’s for breakfast!

Step 6 – Enjoy and eat free for at least 2 weeks!!

Get the most out of all your freebies

I typically wait until my birthday to view my emails because many will arrive on my birthday. Then I sort through and write down all the restaurants that are actually still free and that I still want to enjoy. As I write them down, I’m grouping them by locations, this way I’m not driving all over town.

Then I decide which days, I’ll go to each location. Sometimes I visit multiple locations that are close to each other, that way I already have lunch/dinner at home for next day.

Below is a picture of some of the free food I had last time…mmm, this is making me hungry.

Celebrate yourself

I hope this helps to you Celebrate with Birthday Freebies…You deserve it!

Please comment and let me know your experience with getting birthday freebies and if you have other restaurants to recommend!

~ Michelle Jones

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  • Shelly

    Reply Reply April 11, 2018

    Awesome tip. I wish my friends and family were this effecient.

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