Eyeshadow Colors That Will Compliment Your Eye Color

Eyeshadow Colors That Will Compliment Your Eye Color

With so many eyeshadow colors out there it can be hard to choose the colors that will make your eyes look their best.

However, once you know what colors complement your eye color it can take the guesswork out of buying makeup.

Use these recommended eyeshadow colors to draw attention to your eyes and make them really stand out.

The colors that best complement blue eyes are earth-tones, such as browns, purple, taupe, slate grays, terracotta and other neutral shades. Blue is part of the cool tone family which means that warm colors are the best contrast with your eyes. Blue eyes can also wear metallics both silver and gold. To get a smoky look for blue eyes use charcoal, gray or purple to make your eyes pop! If you are going for a brighter look your go-to colors are rose, lavender, and pink shadows.

If you have brown eyes you can get away with wearing almost any color of eyeshadow. Depending on the look you are going for will depend on the shadow you want to use on your beautiful brown eyes.  To get brown eyes to really pop try using green, violet, bronze or pink eyeshadows. The best metallic shades for brown eyes are gold, silver and metallic plum which can make your eyes really shimmer.  Blue eyeshadow is a strong contrast to brown eyes and really makes them pop.

Green eyed girls go to colors are purples, violets, plums, mauves, lilacs and medium pinks. Red complements green on the color wheel, so pick shades with reddish undertones such as amethyst, and bronze to make your eyes seem more dramatic. If you are going for a more natural look mocha brown shades or any warm color. The best metallic shades for brown eyes are gold and copper.

The best colors for hazel eyes are pale pink, light purple, and other sheer colors. Most hazel eyes have a variety of flecks so you can experiment with colors to find the perfect one for your eyes. To make the gold in your eyes stand out use shadows that have bits of yellow or golden undertones in them.  To show off the blue in your eyes use purple shadows in different hues. If you want to bring out the green in your eyes emerald, green tones, and neutral browns are your best bet.

When it comes to makeup have fun and remember, less is more.

Even a slight pop of color is sometimes all you need to really make your eyes look mesmerizing.

Also, make sure to pick an eyeshadow that first compliments your eye color and also doesn’t contrast your clothing.

Sort through your eyeshadow and add any colors you need to complete your collection to have dazzling eyes today!

Share with me in the comment section what color eyes you have and what you favorite shadows are!

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