How To Deal With The Winter Blues

How To Deal With The Winter Blues

Are you having a tough time dealing with the winter blues?

Does it seem like it may never go away?

Perhaps, you have experienced a painful breakup and you just can’t help but wonder who your last boo is booed up with while you’re sitting home alone watching Netflix.

Maybe, you’re simply having a bad hair day and every outfit you put on doesn’t seem to flatter you like it used to?

Or maybe you’ve experienced loss of a loved one or employment.

By setting aside 5- 25 minutes a day with a clear intention of feeling better about yourself and situation, you can ease those winter blues in no time

Below are my 5 favorite ways to chase away the winter blues.

How To Deal With The Winter Blues1) Make a List of What Brings You Joy

This is not a list of what brings you happiness based on what is happening.  Joy is what puts a smile in your heart and on your face no matter what storm you’re going through.  Your joy can come from anywhere such as hearing the laughter of a child, enjoying the beauty of nature, or reminiscing of a cherished memory with someone you love.  Try to include what brings you joy in your life as much as possible. Think of those things, write them down, keep the list, and every once in a while if you’re feeling down in the dumps – go back and reflect on your list again or create another one.

2) Skip Instead of Walking

Think about it.  When is the last time you skipped? The activity alone is a break from your normal routine.  Skip around your house or apartment just to do a mundane task.  Skip to your car in the parking lot as you’re leaving the grocery store (and watch as strangers record videos of you).  If you have a friend or child around, grab their hand and ask them to join in.  Skip!

How To Deal With The Winter Blues3) Listen to Upbeat and Uplifting Music

Turn the volume up as much as you can stand it. If the rotation of songs you have to listen to is dull and outdated, change the station, create a new station or playlist if using a music app, or purchase new songs.  Then, dance or sing ignoring any inhibitions.

4) Give Yourself a Spa Day

You don’t necessarily have to go to a spa to do this. This can be as simple as giving yourself a complete facial or soaking in a hot tub.  If you have kids, ask a trusted friend to watch your children for a few hours or schedule personal spa time at home when your kids are asleep. Going through tough times draws a tendency to neglect ourselves or give ourselves negative self-talk. Take the time out to treat yourself.

How To Deal With The Winter Blues5) Do Something Kind For Someone You Know or a Stranger

One random act of kindness can go a long way – it can also help you feel better in a world, where the word “hate” feels stronger than the word “love”. Start by identifying a potential need for someone or a group, and filling it. Whatever you have in your hands or heart to give, can certainly brighten someones day whether it’s by cooking a meal or dessert or a kind word.  You may find an organization that helps others in need and actively volunteer with them.   Be creative.  Be generous without expectation. And maybe one day, when you least expect it, an act of generosity will come back to you.

~Tiana Hailey.

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