How To Get Glowing Skin In Just 4 Steps

How To Get Glowing Skin In Just 4 Steps

The most effective way to maintain healthy skin is to maintain a healthy lifestyle, eat healthily, drink lots of water and exercise at least 30 minutes a day.

We can also get in the habit of using a daily skin care routine and it doesn’t have to be expensive or timely.

Just follow these 4 steps at morning and night to help you achieve that glowing skin you want.

Morning Steps

How To Get Glowing Skin In Just 4 StepsStep 1: Use A Gentle Cleanser

Wash your face every morning with a gentle cleanser. Why not use a harsh cleanser? Your skin has a job and every night your skin works hard to restore and produce natural oils, using a harsh cleanser every day can cause your skin to become oilier or too dry.

Step 2: Use A Toner

Toners are used after cleansing your face and are designed to shrink the appearance of your pores. Toners are not necessary but are helpful to those with oily or acne-prone skin. You can apply toner by putting it on a cotton pad then rubbing over your skin.

Step 3: Apply A Serum

A face serum goes deeper into your skin leaving active ingredients and gives your skin more moisture and a radiant glow.

How To Get Glowing Skin In Just 4 Steps

Step 4: Apply A Moisturizer (preferably one with SPF)

Although the serum adds some moisture to your face it does NOT replace your moisturizer. The moisturizer is your skins protective layer from the environment. If you use a moisturizer with SPF the moisturizers purpose enhances, protecting your skin from the environment and the sun’s harmful rays.

Evening Steps

How To Get Glowing Skin In Just 4 StepsRemove all makeup using your preferred method and then repeat Steps 1-4

For your nighttime moisturizer, you can substitute your regular moisturizer for a mixture of 1 part honey and 2 part aloe vera

Repeat these steps daily for healthy glowing skin.

Keep in mind the products you use should accommodate the type of skin (dry, combination, or oily) you have.

Added Bonus:  Once a week use a face exfoliator, to get rid of any built-up dead skin and dirt.

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