How To Put The Fun In Living Simply

I am back with my monthly blog regarding living the simple life and how doing the simplest of things can get you on the road to good health and less stress.

So far just to recap what we have talked about; things like organizing your life, downsize by removing things in your life that serve you no purpose any longer, eating wholesome foods, preparing meals at home, getting plenty of rest and exercising a few times per week.

When most people think of simpler, they think of easy.

Living simpler is not the same thing as easy living.

However just because it’s not easy doesn’t mean living simply can’t be fun.

How To Put The Fun In Living SimplyWhen life was simple, it was more work that kept us moving and kept us connecting with each other.

Fishing, for instance, is a lot of work, but it can be fun, makes memories, causes people to have to relate to one another, but we can always go to the grocery store and pick up a frozen pack of fish and be done with it!

Here are 2 easy ways to put the fun back into living simply.

#1 Plan Your Weekly Meals.  Look up some new ways to make your favorite food without all the unhealthy additives.  Why not make pizza at home?  It can be fun for the whole family and you can use fresh ingredients which is always a better option than possessed products.

How To Put The Fun In Living Simply#2 Plan At Least 1 Physical Activity A Week.  Why not play a game together as a family or go on a nature walk? It so important to be outside soaking up a little vitamin D which is lacking for many people nowadays and so important for our bodies.

Make a list of things you can do to lead a more simple life that can be fun for you and your family!

Until next month have fun do something simple but not simpler!

~ Dolly Moss

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