New Clay Masks Trend Leaves Every Skin Type Looking Amazing 1

New Clay Masks Trend Leaves Every Skin Type Looking Amazing

Face mask are one of the biggest trends in skin care today.

Almost every woman has at least one face mask in their bathroom but if you don’t have a clay mask you are missing out.

Skincare experts agree that out of all the mask out there clay mask are the best for your skin!

But now women are using these clay mask in a new way that is giving them even better results!

New Clay Masks Trend Leaves Every Skin Type Looking Amazing 

Clay Masks have 4 main benefits. 

  1. They’re effective for all skin types no matter what your age.
  2. They are packed with nutrients your faces need to keep the skin smooth, brightened and refreshed
  3. They absorb oil without leaving the skin dry.
  4. They bind with toxins, dead skin cells and dirt to pull these elements away from the surface of the skin.

These types of mask typically take about 10 minutes to dry and then you can simply wash them off with warm water.

No need to pull your face off like some other face masks.

To get and maintain beautiful, soft, fresh looking skin use your clay masks 2-3 days a week.

There are a lot of choices when it comes to clay mask each with it’s on benefits.

However, every area of your face has different needs so how do you know which one is best for you?

That question has promoted women everywhere to start the new trend of mixing and matching clay mask to get a personalized regimen!

By using different mask featuring special ingredients you can instantly address your unique skin care concerns.

So how do you join in on this trend?

Simply get a few masks that give you the benefits you want the most and apply them to the appropriate area of your face.

The 3 most common types of clay mask are:

Calming Clay Mask- They contain aloe to calm and soothe any area of your face.

Purifying Clay Mask- They contain white charcoal powder for oily areas like your T-zone: chin, nose and lower forehead.

Brightening Clay Mask They contain citrus peel for dull skin areas like your cheeks and upper forehead.

No matter what benefits you are looking for there is a clay mask that will give them to you.

New Clay Masks Trend Leaves Every Skin Type Looking Amazing

Want a more fun or relaxing way to mix and match your clay mask?

Try these 2 ideas!

Host a girls night in and have a mix and match mask party at your house!

Simply have everyone bring a clay mask and some wine.

This is a great way to connect with your friends while improving your skin at the same time.

Or if you are looking for a little me time try taking a bubble bath while you wait on your mask to dry and have a relaxing mini at home spa night by yourself!

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