Unplugged: Hiking In Ohio

Unplugged: Hiking In Ohio

One of my favorite unplugged activities is hiking.

It is not only a great workout but a chance to talk with friends or a loved one while enjoying the beauty of nature.

My hike in Ohio’s Hocking Hills State Park was the 4 state I have hiked in and I hope to inspire you to get out in nature and unplug this weekend.

Unplugged Hiking In Ohio

Due to time constraints, we only had a few hours so we chose to hike around the Old Man’s Cave area of Hocking Hills State Park but there are many other places to go inside this park.

You can check out all the area has to offer by checking out their website here.

This was one of our shorter hikes coming in at just a little over 2 miles but offering lots of beautiful things to see in that short time.

Here is the route we took and what we got to see.

We started at Upper Falls which is about a 5 min walk from the parking lot to see the top of the waterfall.

Unplugged Hiking In Ohio

Cross a small bridge and go down a few stairs to get to the bottom of the waterfall.

Unplugged Hiking In Ohio

Next, we continued down the path until you come to another rock bridge right above the Devil’s Bathtub.

Unplugged Hiking In Ohio

The next stop on our hike was Old Man’s Cave a huge cave which you can see from the bottom of a staircase or go upstairs for an even greater view.

Unplugged Hiking In Ohio

Just past Old Man’s Cave is a unique rock formation called Sphinx Head.

Unplugged Hiking In Ohio

Continuing to the bottom of the trail you will end up lower falls.

Unplugged Hiking In Ohio

We could have turned around and walked 1.5 miles back the same way we came in but instead, we chose to climb a big set of stairs complete with tunnels to the top of the Cave and back to the parking lot.

Unplugged Hiking In Ohio

Unplugged Hiking In OhioYou can see from the pictures that the park is very well maintained and the paths are fairly clear making it the perfect place for families.

Unplugged Hiking In Ohio

If you are in or near Hocking Hills State Park I recommend you check out Old Man’s Cave.

You can go by the information desk and get a map so you can map out the best route for you and your hiking partners.

There are lots of different beautiful things that can be seen by taking a stroll in the woods and I invite you to google your local state park and go for a visit.

Get out of the house, unplug and take in the beautiful scenery.

Do you have a favorite spot for hiking?

If so drop me a comment below and tell me where it is and what you love about it!

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