When Do My Makeup Products Expire?

When Do My Makeup Products Expire?

Almost every woman has an expired beauty product or 2 they are holding on to.

Why is it so hard for us to throw these makeup products away?

For some, it may be the love of the product, others….the cost.

However, I believe the #1 reason we hang on these products past their expiration date is that we don’t understand why we should throw them away.

Makeup and beauty products do not last forever! 

When Do My Makeup Products Expire?They are made up of ingredients that break down after being opened.

Let me give you an example you can relate to…a bag of chips.

A bag of chips will stay nice and fresh until you open the bag.

After you open the bag the chips get air in them and start to lose their freshness.

You can hold on to the chips for a while buy making sure they are sealed up but after a while, they go stale.

The same thing happens with your makeup! 

When air and your fingers, which are full of bacteria, get into your makeup and beauty products they can cause irritation, rashes, blemishes and various skin or eye infections.

So you have a choice: continue to use items that could be causing the problems you are trying to solve or toss them and buy products that will actually help you!

When You Should Toss Your Makeup

3 Months

When Do My Makeup Products Expire?Liquid Eye Products- Do you really want to play Russian roulette with your eyes!?!? Eye infections are so painful, not to mention gross! Bacteria love dark wet places so your liquid eyeliner is a perfect playground for bacteria.

Mascara-  Mascara is a liquid that you use near your eyes and every time you put the bush back into the tube you add air bacteria’s favorite party favor!  You should never pump your mascara wand that just pushes more air into the tube, causing it to dry out faster. Try twisting the brush to scrape the tube’s interior to pick up the product. Also don’t add water or eye drops or anything to mascara either.  If it dries out it’s done!  Have a funeral or whatever you need to but let it go!

6 Months- 1 Year

When Do My Makeup Products Expire?Concealers- You use these to cover blemishes which contain bacteria and lead to contamination.  Try a cotton swab when applying makeup to a pimple and avoid double-dipping remember cotton swabs have 2 sides.

Liquid Foundation- Foundation will start to grow bacteria which could lead to skin irritation or blemishes. If your foundation feels thick and lumpy or thin and runny it is time to toss it.

1 year

Lip Balms-As women we seem to collect these.  Just make sure to clean them out once a year and toss the ones that are old.

 2-3 years

When Do My Makeup Products Expire?Any Powder Face, Blush or Bronzer – Powders have less of a problem with bacteria because there’s no water in them. However, powders ingredients start to break down which can lead to the product not performing as long and the color changing.

Powder Shadows- Like pressed powders, are less prone to contamination because they, too, lack water however if you wet them they should be tossed after six months.

Lipsticks and Lip Gloss- Lipsticks will start to dry out over time and lose the creamy look on the lips.  No one wants to look like they have dry lips…that’s just not a good look.

Lip and Eye Pencils- Pencils last a little longer since you are putting them through a sharpener which removes the old surface giving you a fresh clean one.  Make sure you are cleaning your sharpener with rubbing alcohol to keep your tools clean and sanitized.

Nail Polish- When nail polish expires it can spread bacterial and fungal infections. Also make sure to keep your nail polish in a cool dry place to keep it the formula from separating.

Now that you know when your Makeup Products Expire I believe you should do 2 things:

1) Clean out your makeup and beauty products.

2) Buy a good black sharpie so you can mark your makeup and beauty products with the date you opened them.

Remember: If it smells funny, looks gunky or the texture or color has changed its time to toss it out!

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